imagem de fundo da fábrica da tabita
imagem da fábrica da tabita


  We are a brand of women's shoes that emerged in the 1970s, during the era of the quest for freedom, youth and the breaking of taboos.

  We are located in Igrejinha, in the Gaucha Mountain Range area. At the beginning of our history, we manufactured on average 50 pairs of women's shoes a day, today we produce about 3,000 pairs a day, and we are responsible for 350 direct jobs and approximately 300 indirect ones. It is not only in the domestic market that we are known, 50% of our production is destined for export to more than 45 countries.

  We care about feminine well-being, quality, concept and style. We are always in search of the key trends, arising from intense research around the world. Each collection is designed in a unique way, giving priority to every detail, with distinctive design and high quality products. Always thinking about attending to the desires of our consumers.

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